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Artist Inspiration: Gorgeous Drawings of Katherine Rutter

Posted on April 07, 2014 by Jennifer Romero

Serendipity was my friend on a recent trip to the bay area. I happened by a show with the gorgeous work of Katherine Rutter. Can I tell you, this is such delicate and lovely work. I am completely in love. She is an artist working out of Arkansas. Take a look!




Show unfortunately has passed, but you can view the rest of the work from the show here: Le Quivive Gallery. You can find her at her website + on instagram @kitrutter

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Gallery Round Up: Scripps Annual Ceramic Review + AMOCA

Posted on March 04, 2014 by Jennifer Romero

A couple weeks ago,  I joined up with the amazing Alyson Iwamoto and we did our rounds of a couple local ceramic shows. It is so refreshing to get out of the studio and see art with friends. It always gets my wheels churning and I come back to my work with new eyes. 

There is some great work to check out right now! Here are a few of the works that really resonated with me. It tended to be the work that was textural, told a story, or didn't necessarily fit in usual ceramic mold. 

Scripps Annual : On view through April 6 in the Williamson Gallery at Scripps College

Gallery View, Multiple Artists


Phyllis Green


Cindy Kolodziejski


AMOCA: In the Vault exhibit on view through March 30

Patsy Cox



There are many more great works to see- do go check them out if you are in the neighborhood! Both of these shows are very close to one another. 

Here is last year's round up from Scripps!

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Unurth: In the Wild

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Jennifer Romero

Caught in the action! I love to see my pieces in action. With my pieces, the finished objects are just a part of the story- the plant, the latte, the sweet sorbet that fill them bring the pieces to life in a truly magical way.  

Check out these sent to me from happy owners of Unurth pieces:

Terrestrial Planter in Grey
Spirit Cup in White
Mini Barnacle Planter in the home of lovely Kim from Joyful Roots

Are you a happy Unurth owner? I would love to see where they ended up! Send me your photos to hello (at) for a special discount on your next piece. 

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Studio Visit: Jill Aiko Yee

Posted on February 10, 2014 by Jennifer Romero


Have you come across Jill Aiko Yee's beautiful things yet? I met her at the Unique LA Holiday show this past year, although I have been eyeing her work for some time now. Jill is a fashion designer here in Los Angeles and fellow Otis alum. She cuts, sews, dyes all of her work in small batches.

She started her studio a couple years ago after a job with a local fashion designer came to end and has been making ever since. Connecting with her is both refreshing and inspiring. Her work shares similar color stories with my ceramic pieces and may be inspired by the same sunsets. 

Her pieces, are full of light, life, and color. My favorites are her floating ombre dyed silks and her everyday creative work wear. Take a peek:


I could wear this piece everyday in the studio!



You can see more of Jill around the web: 


Twitter: @jillaikoyee

Instagram: @jillaikoyee




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Objects are Storytellers + A TED talk

Posted on February 06, 2014 by Jennifer Romero

This TED talk popped up on my radar and it struck a chord. While Modernism has its place and the style influences the creation of so many beautiful things, I feel it can hold object creation hostage. Objects are storytellers and have been throughout history. With every object I create for Unurth, the aim is to tell a little bit more of the story between ourselves and the earth- to create useful, yet evocative objects.

This curator's struggle to see the purpose in objects created purely for fancy led him to a realization-- Don't just live your fantasy life in front of screens. 

Check it out>> 

What role do objects play in your world? Are they purely utilitarian? Tell a larger part of your story? A sticking point?

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