Let's do this 2016!

January 04, 2016

Let's do this 2016!


Oh man, welcome back! Thank you all for an incredible 2015! It was a huge year for Unurth and myself. Unurth became my main gig. Taking that leap is a scary thing for a ton of reasons! But, what I put in, I got out, and my little company is growing. 

I am back in the studio, cleaning (hah! Because yeah, the holidays were like a tornado in my studio!), dreaming, planning, and I have a nice little path mapped out with room for serendipity to make an appearance. Here's what's coming up-

Shop Restock!: January 25th I'll have a fresh baked round of ready to ship wares in the shop. I'm loading up on all styles of my mugs, planters, and new favorite serving bowls. 

Adventure: To reconnect with my muse and the earth, I have two little retreats planned in the coming weeks. To the desert and to the forest. The theme for January: Find the line. This is a technical month for me as I am reconnecting with my hand drawn work and watercolor painting. This work is close to my heart. I am eager to explore ways to bring this into Unurth.

This Year: Dig deeper. Looking back on 2015, I explored new textures + forms + designs. This year calls for pushing down those paths further. Explore new textures, new techniques to bring my line work and drawings in and keep pushing my vision further along its path! I am excited to reconnect with my drawings and bring those into Unurth's offerings. A collection of prints are on the horizon. My watercolors have been hollering from the corner at me for too long!

And more connection here. Some structured, some sketch notes, some poetry. Unurth is really a way to focus a huge passion and a wild muse. I am excited to share more of that with you, because this is a journey and it's only so fun without company!

Cheers to an amazing year ahead! 


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