Scripps Annual Ceramic Show

January 29, 2013

This show is up right now in Claremont at Scripps College. The work is gorgeous. Seeing ceramics in this context is not something I get to do often (work work work), and I knew I would see some things that would shake me up. 

Frida Dean had three pieces that reference moss forms and colors. They were an iridescent swirl of pastels and intricate crevases.

Bri Kinard had three pieces in the show. This is one of the gorgeous hanging pieces from down below. 

Bri Kinard

 Priscilla Hollingsworth (back) informed her ceramic pieces with expressive undulating drawings- or maybe the other way around?  Kate Roberts (front) had two amazing dresses constructed of ceramic lace. 

There is so much more to see! If you are able do check it out. The show runs through April 7th at Scripps College in the Williamson Gallery. 

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