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February 01, 2013 1 Comment


When I was a kid, I lived in a new outcropping of homes bordering the Southern California hills.  Runs through them still bring me a sense of calm and focus. Body and mind. Out in the hills I am free to open my heart and let the countryside tell me its secrets.

Sketching forms in the winter sunshine as the  trees dance with the wind. I love this part of winter. Quiet moments like this are treasure.

Barnacle Planters and Mini Coral Line cups placed in the kiln for bisque firing. This moment is always a release. A moment of letting go as the kiln will have its way!

Sweet lavendar sunset. This color is so obsessing me lately. A sort of orchid lavendar rich, soft, and yet somehow boldly authentic. Unfortunately this is one of those things a camara eye can never capture.

This weekend I'm photographing what didn't get shipped in orders. Posting them next week! Much more to come.


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jennifer elizabeth
jennifer elizabeth

February 02, 2013

love the photo of the sunset. although i’m sure it was even more divine in person the colors in the photo are beautiful. thanks for sharing!

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