Joshua Tree | Falling in love with Cactus Land

January 17, 2016

Joshua Tree | Falling in love with Cactus Land

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Joshua Tree. A winter weekend.- In the expanse of other world, the collision of the Colorado and Mojave deserts, exceptions, here are commonplace. Harsh conditions, gradually pushing out comfort and easy survival, it is the exceptions who inherent the land. Sure, this national park has captured the imagination of so many, but my expectations were initially low. Joshua trees, rocks, sky, and cholla, create an intense synergy together.

sunset nature Joshua Tree cactus love inspired ceramics artist designer journey adventure source

There is a visual feast every place your eye looks. The vistas alone are breathtaking. We landed here after a rain, vivacious drab colors in greys, pinks, straw yellows.

desert landscape inspired ceramics art design nature Joshua Tree California

Wild places like this can feel forgotten. But Joshua Tree is hardly forgotten. The little gems to eat at and play at are as warm and inviting as the desert is harsh. Charmed. Totally and completely.

texture wood weathered inspiration ceramics nature design world outer limits Joshua Tree desert

I've often known that the in-between places- the places where things (concepts, ideas, cultures..) overlap are often the most interesting. This place is just that. I never thought I could love California more. But there you go. 

sketch draw study plant life specimen cactus inspired design ceramics Unurth Jenn Lamb Romero

I think I am possibly becoming a cactus. XOXO ?

Jenn Lamb cactus nature portrait inspired


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