In the Making: Spirit Cup!

May 31, 2013


Sometimes products are planned and sometimes they just jump from the ether. This cup is one of those that sprung from the muse. 



As I built the model for the new (and soon to be available!) Terrestrial Planter, I had some plaster left over. If you have ever worked with plaster, you know- time is of the essence! Right quick, I whipped up a ball of plaster into a cup like amoeba mass. Once the plaster was set enough, I went at it with a sureform. Let me tell you- I love this. Not knowing what will come, taking away and revealing a new form. It is an experience that is very alive. I am awake- not like any other time.


Uh oh... toooo much plaster! 



Model is ready! Making the mold.



Cast decorated and ready for bisque firing! 


Waxing bottoms! Ready for glaze.





What came about? Well, this lovely object- container, cup, planter, holder of tools.  It cradles your hand. Sitting proud in rare form. 

I hope you love this one. You can acquire one yourself in white, mint, or a custom color (send me a note) right here> Spirit Cup




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