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Within this collection of ceramic landscapes and objects, I explore patterns of transformation in the human and natural world: patterns in stars and cells, our relationships, our bodies—all found in growth and movement. I layer natural textures and created ones along with sculptural elements and translucent glazes. I combine the fluidity of hand building and the movement of sensuous line work with a painterly approach.

The work explores themes of physical, spiritual, and emotional forces as visual abstractions, landscapes that we move through—attempting to communicate their transitory complexity. Many of the shapes found in my work are seen in symbiosis on a microscopic and celestial level, in both bodies and branches. Now more than ever, I believe in nature's ability to ground, heal, and center us. It has never been more in need so we may rest.


"...and the sun sparkles we collectively sigh...",  Vaulted Gallery, June 2020

soft earth cradle my passage the center is always there, 2020
handbuilt and glazed stoneware, wire

independently overlapping tenderly i test your permeability, 2020
handbuilt and glazed stoneware, wire

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