Unurth is a collection of handmade ceramics that inspire wonder and cheer in our daily rituals. Colorful and evocative, each piece is a connection between function and the sea, sky, and landscapes of golden California- awakening a sense of presence and playfulness.

 This work is an expression of my personal journey to connect with others, the natural world, and the greater universe. I continue to be fascinated daily with the movement of the heavens, poetic botanical forms, the earth's processes, and the mark of the hand. The forms that inspire the work show up on a microscopic and celestial level. Magic. I hope to translate that muse into pieces that allow you to be present throughout your day.

Each piece is handcrafted in my California studio by me and a small growing team.

Our apprenticeship program began in 2016 to assist young artists in developing their voice and to gain an understanding of a growing creative business. If you are interested please do get in touch!

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