soft earth cradle my passage - L

handbuilt stoneware and glaze

3.5h" x 3.5"w x 2"d approx.

wire hook on back for hanging

. . . . . . .


...and the sun sparkles,

we collectively sigh,

independently overlapping,

tenderly i test your permeability.

soft earth cradle my passage...

the center is always there.

Conception for these pieces began with poetry that came through on a trail walk. Part meditations, part talismans, part portals to visions of the universe, these pieces strive to communicate the transitory complexity of water's spiritual and emotional forces.  They are handbuilt, created fluidly and intuitively with the intention phrasing front of mind. Glaze is heavily layered to allow it to flow evocatively like the movements found in water.

Nature's ability to replenish and center us has never been more needed, nor more fragile. May we find peace and grounding with her. I offer this work to you that it may express that beautiful connection to the earth. That it may speak that love back to you.


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