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Barnacle Planter in Coral Dipped
$56.00 Barnacle Planter in Coral Dipped
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Carved Mug in Coral
$42.00 Carved Mug in Coral
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Carved Mug in Shino
$42.00 Carved Mug in Shino
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Carved Planter in Coral
$58.00 Carved Planter in Coral
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Feathered Tray
$55.00 Feathered Tray
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Flow Hanging Planter
$48.00 Flow Hanging Planter
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Little Barnacle Planter in Turquoise
$45.00 - Sold Out Little Barnacle Planter in Turquoise
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Eyes to the Cosmos + Spring Craft Shows!
April 21, 2015

Happy Spring Wonderlusters!Spring renewal has hit California with a bang + we have had the most gorgeous flowers in the hills. I believe strongly in getting outside as a way to renew ourselves and connect with our community. I have several...

Love + Inspiration | Unurth Studio
February 03, 2015

The studio is starting to shape up in a major way. We are just about moved in and now just fine-tuning it to get it ready for movement. Very exciting indeed. In the meantime, the focus has been on design....

New Year | Follow the Processs
January 21, 2015

Working as an artist and designer requires consistent pushing forward in both concept + skill + efficiency.  A couple things that I'm am absolutely loving: Think Big! Branding Series for Ceramic Artists is an AWESOME series with community discussions. I am really...

Greetings from time + space!
September 26, 2014

So, getting married is sort of a thing. It's an amazing thing- a little bit like a black hole in ways. It swirls and whirls and soon, that is all you can see as you get pulled into the vortex...